RTIC Cooler – The Best for Road Trips

Every good road trip needs a good cooler. This is how we keep things cheap on the road. Packing a cooler insures that we do not eat out more than we should. It also allows us to buy cheap groceries at a discount store near home instead of having to pay a ton for one... Continue Reading →

Stranger Campsites | Travel Stories

Do you ever split a campsite with complete strangers? We have and, so far, we have no regrets. Sharing a campsite can make camping easier and more fun.  We pulled into Great Sand Dunes National Park around 11 am. Last time we were at Great Sand Dunes there was only us and one other person in... Continue Reading →

Easy Camping Dinner

I like to make camping as easy as possible. One of the ways I have done that is by investing in a Jet Boil.  Okay, full disclosure. I did not invest in the Jet Boil. Kenon bought it way back when we were dirt poor college kids. At the time I absolutely did not understand... Continue Reading →

Easiest Camping Breakfast EVER

I am always looking for ways to make camping easier so I can enjoy it more. This is my second blog post about the easiest camping meals. Find the first one here; it is all about the easiest camping meal ever! The easiest camping breakfast meal is equally simple, even more delicious, and nice and... Continue Reading →

The Easiest Camping Food EVER!

The other day I was talking with a mom who was lamenting her lost love for camping. She told me that as a child she loved camping. Now, as an adult and mother of three, she finds it exhausting. At the time of our conversation, she was thinking of giving it up altogether.  Her main... Continue Reading →

My Go-Box for Camping

In my quest to make camping a more seamless experience, Kenon and I have adopted a “Go-Box” of all the things we need to be able to eat while camping. Packing and unpacking, repacking and unpacking again can be a time-consuming experience. I don’t know about you but I like to RELAX while camping. This is... Continue Reading →

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