Explore the North Shore of Lake Superior

Minnesota has a lot more to offer than just frozen winters and ice fishing. Specifically, it has what locals lovingly call "up north." The North Shore of Lake Superior offers endless sights and recreation opportunities. Driving up State Highway 61 towards Canada is one long scenic overlook dotted with state park after state park. From... Continue Reading →

Building Physical and Emotional Stamina

A few weeks ago I ended up on what basically amounted to a guy’s trip out to Escalante, Utah. My husband and I invited a multitude of couples to come canyoneer in the greatest place on earth and a whole bunch of them agreed to go. When the week finally arrived, though, every other couple... Continue Reading →

Stranger Campsites | Travel Stories

Do you ever split a campsite with complete strangers? We have and, so far, we have no regrets. Sharing a campsite can make camping easier and more fun.  We pulled into Great Sand Dunes National Park around 11 am. Last time we were at Great Sand Dunes there was only us and one other person in... Continue Reading →

Winter Road Trip Tips

Winter road trips can be incredibly rewarding. Taking the car instead of a flight can save tons of money during holiday travel pricing. You can see places that are normally busy during the off-season and have it almost to yourself. The long, slow hours in the car can help you relax after busy holidays. Winter... Continue Reading →

California Hidden Gem: Bridgeport

We stumbled across Bridgeport, California during one of those travel trips that was not going as planned. We were camping our way through the Sierra Nevada and, due to multiple forest fires, we kept having to change our plans. Bridgeport is a little town nestled in the Sierra Nevada that serves as a quiet gateway... Continue Reading →

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